What Could Be Saved

Schwarz, Liese O'Halloran

  5 Reviews

The Preston family's stint in Bangkok ends abruptly in 1972 when they return home to the States after eight-year-old Philip disappears. For parents Robert and Genevieve, and sisters Beatrice and Laura, life can never be the same again. When Philip resurfaces forty-seven years later, there are many questions to be answered and secrets to be divulged.

Suspenseful and enthralling, this story examines what follows when the worst has happened, made memorable by its sensitive portrayal of the power and complexity of sibling connection. [Small font]



WELL 041
Our group found this was a polarising book: some thought it was very interesting while others just did not like it at all. Philip's fate was sad and tragic after being kidnapped - almost impossible to return to a normal life.
MAST 005
A very intensively researched book - not short on detail! Most of the group enjoyed her writing style and thought the characters true and believable. A page turner - one of the group did not like the book. The rest gave it 4/5.
TAUR 059
Some found it slow going at first but all got engrossed. Lots of discussion on storyline in Thailand, treatment and opinions of Thai people by ex-pats. Most had guessed the childs fate and all glad there was not too much graphic detail. Felt settings and characters were very well-written. Some found the sisters and parents unlikeable and therefore hard to feel for. The character dynamics were in the main well built up and all came together well by the end. 6 out of 8 really enjoyed it.
Mostly enjoyed - conversations about expat life, raising children offshore - the different lifestyle, and the kidnapping of children in these countries.
NELS 042
9 out of 10 people enjoyed this book, and 4 couldn't put it down.