When We Were Young

Roper, Richard

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Joel Thompson and Theo Hern have history ... once childhood friends, they have been estranged since an accident that confined Alice, Theo’s sister, to a wheelchair.

Recalling a pact they made to walk the Thames Path to London when they turned thirty, Joel persuades Theo to don his walking shoes. Along the 184 miles of the trek, their lives are laid bare, exposing the secrets and lies that have landed them where they are today: one a successful television comedy writer hiding a secret and the other living a lie and about to be evicted from his parent’s shed.

Written with heart and humour, this is a poignant story of the power of friendship, the importance of honesty and the unexpected benefits of a good long walk.

Comments from BDS Reviewers

"Very in-depth story about two young men and their families - excellent."

"A nostalgic, heart-warming story of two 30-year-old boys."

"The characters are believable and likeable, especially Theo and his sister Alice."

"Wonderful and very emotional."

"The ending was 10 stars!"

"I enjoyed the book very much, but I didn't like the ending."

"The story is good and is told at a good pace."

"Any easy, straightforward read, not especially deep and meaningful, but enjoyable."



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