Your House Will Pay

Cha, Steph

  6 Reviews

It is hard to see at first glance, how the families of Grace Park and Shawn Matthews have any connection. Grace is the daughter of Korean migrants and Shawn is from the African-American community. Certainly, they all live in Los Angeles but their association harks back to the early 1990s and the simmering tensions of a city bristling with racial animosity. Moving between these earlier events and a drive-by shooting in 2019, the enduring trauma of the Park and Matthew families plays out with all of its moral complexity.

Harbouring family secrets and revenge, but also with the possibility of forgiveness, this is a gripping and thoughtful story that has real life parallels.



WELL 042
Everyone enjoyed the book, well-written and it flowed well.
TAUR 035
Most of us thought this a very well crafted novel. She carefully introduced the good and bad in people, and asks questions of us that are difficult to answer. A very true portrayal of race relations that are applicable worldwide.
As a whole, our group was not greatly impressed by this book, although 2 or 3 found it quite interesting and were pleased they had read it.
NAP 021
Most people enjoyed this book. One person thought it started in the wrong place, and another thought it was clever to start it like it was a teenager's book. It was topical as the troublemakers at the rally are like the Antivaxxers now.
Fairly lukewarm response to this book, though we agreed it alerted us to the complexity of relations between ethnic groups in the USA.
WELL 036
Mixed reception for 'Your House Will Pay'. Half the group said they couldn't put the book down, and half said the book was ok. The whole group said they were pleased to be enlightened about the tensions between the African-Americans and Koreans in the USA. Re the racism - nothing has changed in 20 years!