Before You Knew My Name

Bublitz, Jacqueline

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With the Big Apple beckoning, eighteen-year-old Alice Lee sees no future in small-town Wisconsin, especially with the recent loss of her mother. With very little to her name, Alice sets forth, only to meet her demise.

When Ruby Jones, recently arrived from Melbourne and ready to embrace a new start stateside, finds Alice's body by the Hudson River, she feels compelled to find out who the victim is and what happened to her.

Not only does this story tick all the boxes for a gripping crime novel, but Alice's clever posthumous narration and an emphasis on the humanity of the victim offers a thoughtful feminist exploration of how the world views young women.

Comments from BDS Reviewers

"This is not just 'girl meets her fate in New York' - there's so much more to it than that. A thought-provoking view of how the world treats young women. I do recommend it."

"I really enjoyed this book. Some beautiful relationships are described and we're reminded that every woman who is murdered is a person with their own story."

"I found it surprisingly easy to suspend my disbelief and was able to accept the dead Alice as a character."

"A credible and thought-provoking crime novel with a very good feminist twist."

"Gripping whodunnit with depth."

"This is a book about love and human connection and is beautifully written."

"It's rather gripping and has a satisfying ending."

"The past and present of both women are intertwined effectively."

"Although this is a novel centred around a murder, it isn't violent or dominated by 'solving' the murder."



7/10 really enjoyed this book - found the format different but good. Lots of discussion re keeping safe, being cautious, living your life well, and of the anxiety, loneliness and sometimes fear young women live with. Thought that the writing was excellent - insightful and real. Highly recommend.