Everything is Beautiful and Everything Hurts

Shapiro, Josie

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When Mickey Bloom sights the finish line for the Auckland Marathon, it is a case of 'everything is beautiful, and everything hurts.' As a child Mickey's astonishing running ability transformed her life, but it came at a huge cost. Now years down the track, she is ready to rediscover the joy running gave her.

From a difficult childhood to competing as an elite athlete and beyond, this is a page-turning, heart-pounding story of ambition and sacrifice and being seen for who you really are.

Comments from BDS Reviewers

"This is the author's first novel. I am definitely going to watch other things she writes; this is a very accomplished effort."

"Excellent writing. Such good words to tell this story - sparse but intelligent prose."

"The descriptions of going running were mesmerising, such an emotional impact and what a great escape when your life is going wrong."

"This is an easy read and the story is so good I finished it in a fairly short time."

"The structure of the book is interesting and keeps the reader engaged."

"Excellent characters. Moving depiction of how badly a son or daughter will crave the love of a parent."



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