Freeing Grace

Norman, Charity

  15 Reviews

What's best for Grace? This question is at the heart of this story that considers the fate of a mixed race baby. Following the sudden death of her young mother, the scene is set with plenty of scope to explore the complex issues and dilemmas of adoption. On one side are an infertile couple, and on the other, the dysfunctional family of Grace's teenage father. With its realistic characters and easy to read style, this is an engrossing and compassionate novel about making difficult choices. [Larger font]

Comments from Groups

We all enjoyed this book. The author made use of all her experiences in life, and covered the subject of adoption from all sides - birth parents, adoptive parents and adoption agencies and the moral dilemmas faced by all. Lower 004

A few of us could relate to this well written novel, having either chosen adoption for a better life for a child, or required the adopton to create a family - traumatic but rewarding. Te Koro 001

A most enjoyable and well written book. Everyone agreed that the characterisation was really well captured. Waiheke 001

Nice light read. Auckland 178

Everyone enjoyed the book and it promoted lots of intereting discussion. Many of the group could relate to this book in different ways. Aria 001

Wonderful book providing lively feedback, some rather poignant. Wanganui 005

This was considered one of the best books we have read. A must read. Auckland 217

Although we all read it and quite enjoyed it, we felt it was rather a chick-lit book. It did have some interesting discussions though. Auckland 172

Mixed reception. Some thought it too far-fetched. Others thoroughly enjoyed it. Good discussion about adoption. Amberley 002



AUCK 076
Easy but well-written novel on the complexities of adoption from both sides.
Generally enjoyed by the group, with a few reservations. Good characters.
Mixed reactions to this book, but the content still generated discussion.
TAUR 060
We all found 'Freeing Grace' to be an easy read - we have enjoyed all of Charity Norman's books. We did find that this one was almost a one sided dilemma compared to other books, but it still provoked discussion on the rights of birth parents vs. the stability and wellbeing of the child.
We really enjoyed this book and felt it was well-written. An interesting mix of characters. It dealt with adoption, social workers, and the emotions of both the adoptive parents and the biological father really well. Led to a very lively discussion. A great read.
A great book enjoyed by all.
Everybody really enjoyed this month's book. A first for us for this year.
NELS 064
An impressive read that was well received by all.
AUCK 295
A little predictable, but generally an enjoyable easy read.
CHCH 099
Could see it as a movie!
Expecting an average read, (chick lit) this novel improved as it went along. As with other competent writers, Charity Norman used her own background experiences to give authenticity to the story. A meaty topic giving views about the trials and heartbreaks which occur in such incidences, adoption can be fraught with difficulties, but with good characterisation and a well thought out plan, this made an interesting read. Some predictability helped the conclusion. A good first novel.
Animated discussion - everyone enjoyed the book. We didn't think it was a 'light' read but it was easy to read. The character Jake was a likeable rogue, and he tied everything together. We felt the characters all had hidden depths, and that the story covered several emotive issues.
This was a light read, which many of the group liked, although a couple felt that it didn't have enough depth. The book generated good discussion about the obsession and sadness of those who can't conceive a child, and about adoption. There was general liking for Leila and David, and the Kiwi character Jake was successful, both as a character and as a Kiwi.
CHCH 434
We loved the book. The insight into both sides of the adoption process was awesome. You were left feeling for everyone involved.
THAM 002
Great book to read. A little bit 'conveniently' wrapped up at the end.