How to Loiter in a Turf War

Solid, Coco

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It's a day in the life of three friends in Tamaki Makaurau/Auckland. With gentrification closing in and racial tensions sweltering, the girls must cling to their friendship like a life raft, determined not to let their neighbourhood drift out to sea.

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Comments from BDS Reviewers

"This is a fabulous book. It's a story of friendship fiercely maintained as they make their mark on their local neighbourhood."

"This book gives a lot to ponder and quite a lot of moments where the pakeha read might feel a bit uncomfortable. Really well done."

"There's poetry, art, and a story which captures the imagination – best to read it in one go I think."

"Coco Solid has crafted a clever, engaging and very different novel."

"This novel reveals racism, housing changes, attitudes to older people, family relationships, comments on religion, pressure by real estate agents and types of food."

"Well-written, topical and engaging."

"The different style, lack of speech marks and colloquial language is a little difficult to follow at first."



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