Love and Money

McGee, Greg

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Those were the days ... 1980s New Zealand ... Rogernomics, the boom and bust sharemarket and the first rugby world cup. The feckless Michael McGuire has fallen on hard times needing to be propped up by his three ex-wives and various offspring.

With the dizzying events of the era, a protagonist used to leaving chaos in his wake, and acute observations of the New Zealand lifestyle, this is an entertaining and nostalgic read. [small font]

Comments from Groups

We gave this book a 6/10 rating. We thought the character Mike was very self centred and rather weak. Some of our members knew this location in Auckland well, and were of an age to contribute stories about the South Africa/All Blacks test tour, Centre Point and the money hype of the eighties. Bream Bay 001

The group was equally divided. Half loved the book, the other half thought he had far too much material for one novel! Havelock North 005

We found it a bit light, although some enjoyed it more for that. Good depiction of 1987!! Auckland 287

There was a mixed reaction to this book. Some enjoyed it, others didn't enjoy it at all. A good discussion was held, and information shared about the author's other works. All keen to read the others. Wellington 142

Not a popular book. People didn't enjoy the coarse language used, even though it fitted the characters. Ashburton 017

Opinion was evenly divided. The three people who were living in Auckland in 1987 all loved it, but the three who were living in the South Island at the time, didn't. Which meant we had a very lively discussion. Nelson 022



WELL 209
A fun walk down memory lane. Lighthearted and a bit lightweight but all liked it, except for 2 who couldn't get past the first quarter!