Man in the Shed, The

Jones, Lloyd

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Written from 1991-2006, this collection of fourteen short stories focuses on family and relationships, achieving a haunting commentary on human behaviour. With its excellent sense of place it is possible to recognise familiar locations and in turn find yourself questioning what you are seeing and believing. Easy to read yet thought provoking and clever. NZ Interest [Larger font]

Comments from Groups

We found the book challenging but enjoyable on the whole as descriptions of places and people are so telling. Many made us feel uncomfortable. Picton 002

All the group enjoyed this book. Lloyd Jones is a very clever writer. Wellington 060

We all enjoyed this book. Some stories were far fetched e.g. Dogs, but all stories had an insight into human failings. Southbridge 001

Good discussion. There were those who like the book and others who didn't. The general consensus was that there was generally a lack of joy except in some instances. Christchurch 009



Not enjoyed by a few of our members - did not appreciate the subject matter. On the other hand, one or two LOVED the writing style and the way social problems were dealt with. Obviously you can't please all of the people all of the time!
AUCK 280
Most stories not particularly absorbing, and some a little meaningless.
MAST 010
We all found these stories rather "dark". Nobody raved about the book, but all agreed it was powerful and well-written fiction.
CHCH 010
Three quarters of our group did not enjoy these stories, and some could see no point in them. However, they created a lively discussion. The poignant relationships between a boy and his parents were appreciated, and led to a discussion of whether Lloyd Jones' own story is intertwined throughout. The characterisation and humour were also liked by some.
Conflicting views led to good discussion. Very 'N.Z' stories with global issues addressed. Some had read Jones' memoir 'History of Silence' which seemed to inform some of his stories.
WELL 046
We were a little disappointed with this book - especially when compared with his novel, 'Mr Pip'. Some of the stories seemed both inconsequential and a bit obscure. Maybe we needed to give them more time, and a second reading
A few of us don't prefer the short story format but others like it and they read it, and enjoyed it.
WINT 001
Everyone said that they didn't enjoy this book. Those who liked reading short stories were most disappointed and felt the themes were very dark and misogynistic. Some of the stories had a feeling of voyeurism about them and when it was a child in that situation it made the readers uncomfortable. Overall the book didn't live up to the reviews.