My Name Was Judas

Stead, C.K.

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Judas' name is synonymous with betrayal, but is that how he saw it himself? Forty years after the death of Jesus, Judas tells the story as he remembers it. Looking back on his childhood and youth, he recalls his friendship with Jesus; their schooling together; their families; the people who would go on to be disciples and followers; their journeys, and their dealings with the powers of Rome and the Temple, against the richly painted backdrop of ancient Palestine. NZ Interest.

Comments from Groups

All members who read the book thoroughly enjoyed this well written book. It was thought provoking, and resulted in a great discussion. Waiau 002

The book generated an interesting discussion on the nature of faith. We enjoyed the different portrayals of Jesus and Judas. Auckland 105

The book created some very interesting and emotional discussion - it received many 8/10 scores. Most felt it was very well written and a great read. Masterton 008

The group thought the writing was excellent, easy to read and challenging. It was contemporary and relevant. It certainly challenged our thinking about the Bible stories, and some went and re-read the Gospels. Wellington 057

We all enjoyed the book. It gave a rational meaning to the Gospel story which was quite believable. The poems at the end of each chapter were most enjoyable, and gave an insight into how Judas thought about his friend, Jesus. Blenheim 007

Mixed reactions - a challenge for those with strong Christian beliefs! Auckland 261

We all felt that Stead's interpretation of the Christ story, and his imaginative descriptions of the well-known miracles, were very impressive. The book neither offended those of us who regularly go to church, nor provided propaganda for those of us who are unbelievers. It may well be the catalyst for some of us to read more of Stead's novels. Overall mark 9/10 - the highest so far. Wanganui 011



Great timing with this book to coincide with the Easter period. We had mixed reviews - most really enjoyed it, liking the way it explained the new testament, and connecting with Judas the narrator... It generated great discussion, making us question the blind faith we all grew up with. We all preferred C.K. Stead's version of the Jesus story.
Generally very positive feedback - a few felt it started slowly but they enjoyed it as they got into it. Controversial, provocative and unexpected.
CHCH 171
Thought provoking. Great to have a different perspective. Much discussion.
AUCK 335
Only 6 members had read this book and no-one was enthusiastic about it. We agreed that it was well-written and that the context - Roman oppression, village life, the wandering band of disciples and their life - was portrayed in a way that was interesting and convincing. The character of Judas seemed unconvincing and Stead never deals with the question of Judas' alleged betrayal of Jesus. His portrayal of Jesus is interesting but fiction (of course) with some basis in some of the Gospels. The question in our minds was, "Why did Stead write this book"
TAUR 055
Fascinating story from a different perspective.
CHCH 423
For most members of our group, this book was challenging in terms of it disputing accepted wisdom on the life of Judas Ascariot and his role in the life and death of Jesus Christ. But they rose to this challenge and we had a terrific conversation about this book. One person wasn't in the right mental space to read the book but those of us who did admired the writing (page turner, ripping yarn etc) and the degree to which the author had researched life and the times in which the book was set.
Thought provoking and beautifully written. Sad, poignant and atmospheric. We all enjoyed the writing, particularly the poetry. Very appropriate reading for Easter time. Zoom meeting went well - lots of laughing in addition to discussing the book.