Plumb [NZ]

Gee, Maurice

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The first volume about the Plumb family. Plumb is a minister whose disenchantment with the Church, and involvement with Socialism, leads to his becoming a conscientious objector, and, subsequently, imprisonment. NZ Interest. [Small font]

Comments from Groups

Excellent characterisation of Plumb. Great discussion. Very good portrayal of life at that time. Taupo 003

Much discussion on people who focus solely on what they want in life with no regard for others. Putaruru 001

Maurice Gee is such a great writer. Napier 011

Reasonably well thought of but many found it a bit dour. Wellington 085

We all loved this book. A very emotional discussion, a sign of a good book. Several of us had not read any of this author's work but will read more. Whakatane 006

His [author's] writing is superb. We did some research; realising it was based on his grandfather was interesting. Wellington 071



KATI 001
A superbly written novel which engages the reader totally, and involves characters and situations which are totally believable. A powerful evocation of a bygone era in N.Z. history when thinking people like George Plumb were caught up in the worldwide ferment of ideas and scientific discoveries and were forced to examine their faith and beliefs in the light of these new ideas...
Group enjoyed the book, but not the man. Good evocation of the times and interesting to note how attitudes etc. have changed.
WELL 012
Good fun, lots of discussion.
RAUM 002
We are definitely a group of Maurice Gee fans. Good book and lively discussion.
CHCH 494
'Plumb' stimulated a very good discussion. We noted all the contemporary attitudes it dealt with: the role of the father and the mother, homosexuality, religious inflexibility, and so on. Most of us found the failure ( in the first half of the book) to tell the story chronologically, very confusing. The last section of the book when Plumb had become more mellow was the most enjoyable, and we got to know the children as individuals.
We loved this book. Several of us were reading it for the second time, and loved it again. Beautifully written with well drawn, complex, and believable characters. Poignant and powerful story of family relationships.
Very polarised reaction - some loved it, some hated it.
WELL 205
Only one person managed to finish this book. People mostly found the main character unsympathetic, and found it a difficult read as a result, even though this was the author's intention.
WANG 011
Some of us thought that it was a difficult read, but only initially. Then everyone enjoyed it, although it was considered that keeping track of all the children wasn't easy. The discussion was lengthy but centred almost completely on the character of George Plumb, whom we unanimously regarded as irascible, selfish, hopelessly out of touch with his wife's hard life, but also courageous and principled in his narrow way.
NELS 044
Whilst we found Plumb irritating and arrogant, we all loved the book. Most of us were reading it for the second time, four or more decades later!
Great book, enjoyed by the majority.
CHCH 185
People either really liked the book or couldn't get into it at all.
Most of our group enjoyed this book. George Plumb's narration throughout the book stimulated great discussion. Very well-written.