Season of the Jew, The

Shadbolt, Maurice

  11 Reviews

Historical novel set in Hawkes Bay. About Te Kooti, the 19th-century Maori leader. NZ Interest.

Comments from Groups

Loved the book. Felt it was a very truthful portrayal of those on both sides - Jews/Germans. Te Horo 001

Great insights into our history - land issues especially. Timaru 013

The characters were superb. A very practical way to learn the history of our people. Hamilton 024

Much discussion. What an eye-opener. Opotiki 001

Enjoyed by all members. Now to read the other two books in the series. Wanganui 004

This book should be read by all New Zealanders. Te Kuiti 002

Great read. Lively discussion - up to the foreshore! Nelson 024



AUCK 307
Although written over 35 years ago, this amazing book is right for our time. It raises many issues that are current and give a perspective of colonisation which Pakeha are often uncomfortable with, but must be faced in a mature way. The book was skilfully written.
TAIH 002
Most of us thoroughly enjoyed this book - it was very clever; an amazing walk through our country's history, with real life characters. We felt this was a book every New Zealander should read!
GISB 015
Some of us really enjoyed this book, but some struggled and could not finish it. Many members found the style difficult to read. Long tracts of conversation that they struggled to follow, and font size off putting for many.
Unfortunately, with members away and some not finishing the book, the discussion was not as rounded as it could be, but a great read. There should be more books written about the Land Wars.
WANG 011
Very interesting history. The story was hard to get into, but led to good discussion by those who persevered.
Those of us who hadn't read it felt ashamed not to have done so. A most impressive achievement and a gripping book.
NELS 043
Apologies for the delay in returning these books. Only half the group had read it on our meeting date, and with rave reviews from those who had, the others decided to keep going.
AUCK 116
A good picture of colonial New Zealand and the importance of land. Shadbolt's flowing language made it an interesting book to read. Her descriptions gave an excellent sense of place and time.
TAUM 003
BIG differences of opinion on this book which led to a rousing discussion.
NAP 020
Very interesting and stimulating, although a bit verbose.
WANG 011
We nearly all considered this a marvellous book, as a story and as a well-researched account of an important historical incident. One of our group thought the author's peculiar style of dialogue unreadable and so marked it only 3/5. Nevertheless, including this, the average was 4.5.