Trouble With Fire, The

Kidman, Fiona

  12 Reviews

Linked by the common thread of fire, whether that of passion or the more commonplace variety these eleven stories consider the lives of ordinary people.

With its distinctively New Zealand flavour, this collection provides finely drawn characters and situations that chronicle changes in society, especially for women, from our colonial past to the present day.

Comments from Groups

Plenty of discussion and was enjoyed by all. Gore 006

Short stories not a favourite. Having said that, there were stories to remember. Liked Kidman's writing and hopefully will get more of her books next year. Auckland 013

A mixed reaction - a few enjoyed them, they like short stories - others felt that although the stories started well, and held one's itnerest, the main characters weren't developed enough. Christchurch 116

Generally the group is not in favour of short stories, but they were well written. Christchurch 108

Most of our readers do not like short stories as they feel they are left feeling there should be something more. Well written. We did have some interesting discussion but generally not enjoyed. Murchison 001



NELS 027
Initially there was negative reaction to the book being short stories, BUT all surprised themselves how much they enjoyed them ( especially the connected ones) and we had the most discussion we've had in a while.
AUCK 183
All found it a little depressing. None of the stories were very positive.
Fiona Kidman is a favourite author of our group - so this was a well enjoyed book of short stories. We loved the N.Z. themes.
The book wasn't a favourite for our group, probably the short story format didn't appeal to everyone. Of those who did read it, the general feeling was that many of the stories finished without seeming to have a point. The exception for this was Part II which people enjoyed.
AUCK 234
We enjoyed the book - recommended.
NEWP 001
Enjoyed by all members of our club and very good discussion at our meeting. Probably one of the more enjoyable books read by our group in recent times. One of our 'older' members felt very moved by some of the stories as Fiona Kidman had written so well about the events relating to young women who were "in trouble" in a bygone era.
NELS 023
We all enjoyed this book - even those people who do not usually read short stories. We were taken back to periods of N.Z. that we recalled clearly. It was sad, even tragic in places - humorous in others. Everyone had their favourite story. We enjoyed the links between them.
NGON 002
Loved Fiona Kidman's stories and way of writing. Not everyone liked the short story genre but all agreed it was a nice easy read.
WINT 001
Fiona Kidman is a great writer. You are right there in the stories. A book which we all enjoyed.
This was the first time our group had read short stories and a few of them really enjoyed the medium. They were intrigued that some of the stories shared the same characters and we learnt another phase of their lives. We all related to the book as it was set in New Zealand.
CART 001
Due to other commitments we didn't meet this month so no in depth discussion - just a broad 'some liked it/some didn't'.
NELS 077
Am amazing writer, but subject matter was a bit depressing for some. A bit dark.