Winter Time

Fearnley, Laurence

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Following the death of his younger brother Eddie, Roland March returns to their family home in the heart of the Mackenzie country to act as the executor of Eddie's will.

Befitting the sorrow of the occasion, it is cold, cold, cold and for Roland fresh from his 'wholefood and health store life' in Sydney, it's as if nothing has changed. Once again there is plenty that needs explaining and once again he is at odds with the people around him.

Wonderfully evocative and only to be read when rugged up, this is an intriguing story with a setting worthy of its superbly-drawn characters.

Comments from BDS Reviewers

"The book was hard to put down as you wanted to find out what happened next - and it was surprising in the direction it didn't go!"

"It kept my attention throughout and gave me such a strong impression of life in the McKenzie in winter."

"Mysteries abound. Some of these are resolved, but it's the buildup getting there that adds tension and interest."

"The characters are credible and interesting, as are the conflicts between them."

"What a superb setting for her novel based upon the sense of 'touch'."

"The descriptions of winter in the McKenzie country made me feel cold, just reading about it. Its beauty, its domination; its ethereal but dangerous quality."

"I enjoyed reading of the changes wrought by tourism on small town New Zealand."

"An easy read, really invokes the environment, and the author managed well the characters so that none was overdone - no 'total goodie' or 'total baddie'."



AUCK 256
This book is full of memories of growing up - the family, friendships or lack of, belonging or not belonging (being gay), suspicions, mysteries and weird neighbours all set within the vividly described landscape of the McKenzie Country. It was a well written book but not enjoyed by all.