Fox & I

Raven, Catherine

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When a wild fox visits her remote Montana property every afternoon on the dot, biologist Catherine Raven - astonishingly - starts reading The Little Prince to him. As the daily rendezvous continues and her scientific training fails to prevent anthropomorphising the situation, a powerful bond develops between woman and fox.

Musing on nature and solitude, this is a fascinating memoir with challenging insights that raise interesting questions and ethical dilemmas around our relationship with animals and nature.

Comments from BDS Reviewers

"A fascinating and very touching account of cross-species friendship."

"Valuable insights about wild animals and human attitudes to them."

"I really did enjoy this book. I gave it a 10/10."

"Well written, evocative, heart-wrenching."

"The sincerity of the author telling her own story and the feeling she has for another species shines through, as well as for all of the natural world."

"Some of it emotionally hard to read, if you love animals."

"This is a remarkable story. It got off to a slow start, but I soon found myself deeply committed and moved."

"This book has made me aware of how much I fail to see more than just a thin slice of what life on this planet is all about."



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