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First Steps
Desilva, Jeremy
Jallow, Toufah & Pittaway, Kim
These Precious Days
Patchett, Ann
Dancing in the Mosque
Stanizai, Zaman
Wilder Life, A
Louwrens, Joan
Evans, Matthew
Museum Makers, The
Morris, Rachel
Gospel of the Eels, The
Svensson, Patrik
Gilmour, Charlie
Genova, Lisa
Jamie, Kathleen
Eat the Buddha
Demick, Barbara
Kika & Me
Patel, Amit
Breaking and Mending
Cannon, Joanna
Lady In Waiting
Glenconner, Anne
Bregman, Rutger
How to be a Dictator
Dikotter, Frank
All You Can Ever Know
Chung, Nicole
Catch and Kill
Farrow, Ronan
Permanent Record
Snowden, Edward
Nine Pints
George, Rose
Body, The
Bryson, Bill
Why Young Men
Jivani, Jamil
War Doctor
Nott, David
Girl Who Smiled Beads, The
Wamariya, Clemantine