Roach, Mary

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Science writer Mary Roach tackles the often contentious issue of human-wildlife conflict. Whether it is elephants in India, blackbirds in Dakota, or deer in New Zealand, this book presents a global miscellany of pest control and nature conservation, all with the goal of peaceful co-existence for animals and people.

Often hilarious and continuously informative, this book is a fascinating foray into an ever-increasing conflict zone.

Comments from BDS Reviewers

"I found the book to be very interesting and well-written in a journalistic style."

"Educational, of global interest and has touches of humour."

"I found it a delightful romp on a very serious subject."

"Thoroughly researched, great bibliography and globally far ranging."

"Best non-fiction I've read in a very long time."

"Varied, informative, it covers a range of animals and countries and the author has researched it well".

"It's an easy, pleasurable read, thoughtful and insightful and delightfully written."

"Overall I thought it a bit long and a bit 'silly'."

"It may not appeal to those of a sensitive nature."

"The author is negative about 1080 and implies that New Zealanders are cruel allowing it to be used. This could upset some I imagine."

"The author uses subtle references, eg, she advises that many countries now have government departments for 'fish and wildlife protection", not "fish and game".



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