Know My Name

Miller, Chanel

  2 Reviews

In telling her story and allowing her name to be known, Chanel Miller moves from victimhood to reclaiming her life. As the survivor of the internationally publicised 2015 Stanford University sexual assault case, Chanel details what happened to her and her experiences at the hands of an inadequate justice system, and her successful efforts to change Californian law to better support future victims.

Compelling and harrowing, this courageous memoir positions her experience against the backdrop of the #MeToo movement and eloquently exposes the cost of rape culture and entitlement. [Small font]

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Very well-written, but could have been edited more for repetition. Prompted great discussion of the issues, including how overarching and insidious the patriarchy still is.
NELS 015
A popular book, 2 scored it 10/10. We enjoyed her writing. All felt that the justice system was skewed in favour of the perpetrator while her own life was shredded in public. Very thought-provoking , honest and courageous...