Long Walk to Freedom

Mandela, Nelson

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Nelson Mandela's account of his life as a freedom fighter in apartheid South Africa. A readable and inspiring autobiography. (BDS Twenty-fifth Anniversary Book). [Big read}

Comments from Groups

Not everyone finished it, but those who did found it very informative and an easy style to read. It provided a real insight into the racist policies of South Africa during this period in history. Gisborne 008

In spite of the daunting size of the book, those who made it to the end felt well rewarded. For some it exposed their ignorance of the African story, and they were pleased to have the chance to learn so much about the struggle, apartheid, and Mandela's part in shaping the South Africa of today. Thank you. Clarkville 001

What can one say? An extraordinary man and a life to match. The notes are excellent, and the challenge of reading such a tome well justified. Christchurch 095

The group loved the opportunity to discuss this book. Many had read it before, and it was a good opportunity to verbalise their thoughts on such an incredible person, who did so much to change the world..... Takaka 001

An awe-inspiring life giving rise to a wonderful book. Some felt areas could have been expanded on - but agreed it was a 'big' read as it was. Lively discussion followed. Napier 013

Educational rather than enjoyable, but an interesting read nonetheless. Huntly 001



GORE 003
We thought this book, although very detailed, was one of the better reads we have had. Mandela, we thought, was one of the outstanding men of the century, and his pride in his race and unswerving commitment to his cause was what kept him going.
CHCH 099
This one was enjoyed by all and enthusiastically discussed. There is hope for the world yet.
AUCK 248
A big, very involved book that many in our group struggled to get through. It was very political, even going so far as to not lay blame on anyone, and Mandela stressing that it was his own personal opinion. There wasn't any emotional content to the book, and this made the book difficult to read as there was no sense of 'bonding' with Mandela and everything he went through.
PICT 002
All the group enjoyed this book. The discussion was lively and all had huge admiration for the man Nelson Mandela.
CHCH 088
All thoroughly enjoyed the book - found it very readable. Had a very interesting discussion - found it very informative.
AUCK 172
A big read that needed some editing! Some didn't finish it. Excellent discussion though, and we all felt we learned something about the struggle in South Africa.
A bit full of words but generally an informative read. Good questions which brought out the personality of Mandela.
Well-written but a little too long. Too many lists of names. We enjoyed reading about his childhood.
NELS 042
We discussed Nelson Mandela's strength of character, his courage, and his unflagging belief that they would one day share the government of South Africa.