Lost Daughter, The [NF]

Williams, Mary

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From life in an impoverished Black Panther family, to life with the rich and famous, Mary Williams has seen it all. As a teenager she attended summer camps run by Jane Fonda and eventually came to live with the family. Embracing the world that was then at her fingertips, Mary studied at university, undertook aid work in Morocco and Tanzania and faced the extreme demands of Antarctica and a solo traverse of the Appalachian trial. But there was a price to pay for being part of two disparate worlds; Mary also needed to accept the challenge of reconnecting with her conflicted past.

Both interesting and insightful,this is a fascinating account of deprivation and opportunity, and the importance of working out one's place in the world.



The group all agreed it was an easy read. Some members felt the author was self-indulgent, but we were also interested in all the opportunities she had, and the places she travelled to and experienced.
AUCK 010
The group was divided over this book. A few really enjoyed it, but some felt it tailed off in the second half, and wondered how authentic some of the author's recollections were.
Another interesting and easy book to read.
TAUR 028
Not our best read. We found Mary Williams quite unsympathetic and difficult to connect with. The history of the Black Power was very interesting, as was her trek on the Appalachian trail.
AUCK 135
Originally we were interested in the work that Jane Fonda was doing, but later found the writing ponderous and pedestrian. However, topics covered like adoption provided stimulating discussion.
AUCK 210
An easy and interesting read, and a very good 'book discussion' book in that so many issues were covered.
TAUR 011
Everyone enjoyed this book, and we had a good discussion. It was surprising to read of such a positive side to a glamorous movie star - I'm sure we will now look at Jane Fonda in a different light.
We had high praise for people such as Jane Fonda giving people like Mary the chance to make a better life for themselves. Lots of discussion as to whether it's a good idea to remove people from their family environment and home surroundings - would it not be better to give assistance while enabling contact with family and friends