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Blades, Jay

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Perhaps you have heard of Jay Blades from TV's 'The Repair Shop'? Even if you haven't he's a man worth knowing for his amazing rise from considerable adversity to being a TV personality, a furniture restorer, businessman, recipient of an MBE, and an all-round likeable chap known for his kindness.

Of Jamaican heritage, he grew up in East London facing poverty, racism, police brutality and eventually homelessness, but today he inspires others with his compassion and positivity.

This easy-to-read memoir with its open, frank approach and conversational style, really is the story of a repairman repairing himself.



CHCH 202
An honest, open account of Jay's life as lived by him. Very easy read but shows that although you think you probably have someone's 'measure' through having seen them on TV, you can still be surprised and admire them for their achievements.
AUCK 360
A variety of responses - inspiring but not well-written. More like a magazine article. Good at helping people but more work needed on his relationship with his Dad and with women - misogyny! Race issues very interesting, told with honesty and courage.
We all thoroughly enjoyed this book and would recommend it to all readers. There are several important messages to it, particularly to those who have struggled with reading and finding their way in life. Inspiring.
TAUR 062
'Jay Blades' life story is inspiring - his entrepreneurship; a love for young people and how he poured out his life to help them; the great leap of faith he took in heading off to university as a dyslexic who couldn't read a word. From a fatherless home, he overcame racism, homelessness and poverty, to haul himself out of a life of crime and violence. Some of us found the book not particularly well-written; others found the writing retained his unique voice and made it authentic. It is a brave story, some of it doesn't show him in the best light, but that is part of its charm. Fast, easy read.
TAUR 023
Enjoyed by the group. We considered it quite a light read. All agreed it was interesting to read of the life behind the smiling face on T.V.
FERN 001
Very good discussion book. Lots to ponder.
AKAR 001
An enjoyable read about someone we were all familiar with from the TV show 'The Repair Shop'. He writes an honest memoir of his life and the ups and downs, the hardships, the bits you may want to hide. He has overcome his early life, found what he needed and become a role model and successful man.
NELS 007
A mixed reaction, most thought not particularly well-written and some didn't like the italics. Quite pleased to have read it though - we liked the difference he made in the community but there was quite a bit of discussion on his parenting. Some of us now watching 'The Repair Shop'.