Mitford Girls, The

Lovell, Mary S.

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A biographical saga of the dynasty of the English Mitford family. Lord and Lady Redesdale, both eccentric parents, had six daughters and a son. Their privileged background, a rich network of connections, and the political affiliations of their daughters, make for fascinating reading. [Big read]

Comments from Groups

Totally absorbing and fascinating reading. Lower Hutt 008

We had an enthusiastic discussion. Some were fascinated, some thought the family totally unlikeable, others felt sorry for the parents. An interesting family living in interesting times. We were all impressed with the fact that despite a lack of tertiary education, so many of the Mitford girls were very good writers with numerous books to their credit. Upper Hutt 001

What a family! We enjoyed the book very much. Blenheim 011

Fantastic book. We all thought the parents were 'nuts', so it was not surprising that the girls took such different paths, with some so extreme...Recommended reading. Napier 023

Most of us struggled to get into the book, but then found they became engrossed in the lives of the girls, and enjoyed it. Whitby 004

Generally enjoyed by the group. It was felt it was almost too much to have so many personalities in one book, and to do justice to them all. Some of the group intend to look for the various other books by 'the girls'. Leith 001



CHCH 378
Wow, what a family. We were all agreed we enjoyed reading about this family and learnt quite a bit as well.