Museum Makers, The

Morris, Rachel

  6 Reviews

In an appealing mashup of history and memoir, museum expert Rachel Morris begins a journey to uncover her family's bohemian past while also telling the story of museums.

From collections and curators, archives and artefacts, to the author's own 'Museum of Me', this fascinating immersion into memorabilia and memory making, both personal and societal, is a gently reflective dive into the value of our stories and how we preserve them. [Small font]



NELS 015
The group enjoyed the discussion and family dynamics that the book raised. Some members were familiar with the museums and museum practices, and enjoyed participating in this part of the book review.
NELS 040
A mixed reception from our group.
AUCK 224
This was a real love-it ( raved about it) and hate-it (stopped reading after 30 pages!) book. Especially interesting bits related to N.Z. people and places.
THAM 005
Two good concepts here - one a family history, the other a look at Museum Theory. While putting them together sounds like a winning idea, both concepts suffered from being lumped together.
CHCH 518
Enjoyed by all our members. A good insight into museums in the way they are set up and their importance in our lives. Interesting family history with regard to the author.
TAUR 035
Quite a varied reaction to this book. Some loved it and found it a very interesting read. Others were thoroughly bored with it.