Tender Struggle, A

Bremer, Krista

  10 Reviews

For Krista Bremer it's not the radical fundamentalist jihad of media attention. Instead, a more private 'striving for spiritual and intellectual growth' that comes about from a chance encounter with a fellow runner in a North Carolina wood. Krista and Ismail couldn't have come from more different backgrounds; Krista with her privileged middle class American upbringing and Ismail hailing from a humble Libyan fishing village.

In the life they embark on together and the family they become, Krista must rise to the challenges inherent in a cross-cultural marriage, especially her husband's strong Muslim faith.

An honest and rewarding memoir.



NELS 065
Very mixed reviews from our group. One loved it, and one didn't at all. Most thought it was beautifully written.
We enjoyed 'A Tender Struggle' and the humour, and the journey that the author undertook.
CHCH 064
The most popular book this year. Everyone had more understanding of the Muslim world. We felt it was very well written and her honesty was admired. Great discussion.
The author showed great courage in writing with such honesty. Most of us found the insight into the lives of Islamic women in Libya enlightening. The struggles of the author were not viewed so sympathetically. Her self-absorption and selfish expectations led us to suggest a saint-hood for her husband.
WELL 130
A delightful and insightful book. An enjoyable and easy read. Many/most couples have challenges and differences to face.
CHCH 203
This is a beautifully written book which initiated lots of discussion on some deep cultural issues. Some of us didn't particularly like Krista at the beginning, but we all praised her honesty and courage.
Great discussion. We would all have liked to hear the perspective of her husband.
TAUR 049
Mixed reviews on this book. A little too full of "purple prose" for several, while others thought that the author was very honest in her comparisons oftwo very different backgrounds and cultural norms.
AUCK 256
Easy to read, simply but well written. Honest and insightful. Everyone enjoyed it.
GISB 003
We all got a lot from this book and had an excellent discussion. It was a great insight into the evolution of a relationship betweentwo people so different in origins, values and beliefs. I think we were, to a person, irritated by the author's self-centred lack of insight, but we also felt she redeemed herself by the end , and were impressed by the changes she had made especially in her openness to other ideas.