Universe In Your Hand, The [NF]

Galfard, Christophe

  7 Reviews

Buckle up, you are about to embark on some mind-boggling journeys into our universe. From the surface of the moon and the interior of a proton, to riding on a light beam or finding yourself in the heart of a black hole, this layman's guide to the mysteries of the universe from your astrophysicist travel guide, explains the complex ideas of physics and cosmology using stories rather than equations.

With its simple, direct language and vivid imagery, all you need to bring with you to appreciate the 'journey through space, time and beyond' is a lively imagination. Sit back and enjoy the trip!



CHCH 009
Lots of good discussion. Some found it scary, some enjoyed, and some couldn't read it because it was too hard.
THAM 004
Being an elderly group, several members found 'The Universe' too information-dense to retain, and to maintain interest. Several others were totally engrossed and loved it.
TURA 003
Interesting. Not light reading. A book of two halves - second half was dragged out. Just conjecture.
CHCH 320
Two of the nine men at our monthly meeting were really excited by this book. It was a pleasure to be part of an audience to hear how much they gained from the content and the 'mind-bending thinking" behind the theories and the scope of the universe. Alas their enthusiasm was not mirrored by others. For most, they could not connect or simply found the subject too big to comprehend and hence felt out of their depth. For the two who loved it, it was 100% worthwhile, and the rest enjoyed the wine, cheese and camaraderie.
Not everyone enjoyed this book. Ratings ranged from those who were captivated by the author's style , the wonder of it all, the amazing, incredible, science-fictional quantum physics, and gave it the full 5, to those who criticised and gave up on it, and might have given it a 2. We certainly gave it a great old discussion!
CHCH 333
Some found it a bit long. I loved it because National Geographic had an article on this theme.
Very worthwhile but need a lot of time to read. Challenging - a lot to think about. Improved by illustrations. Fascinating!