When the Dust Settles

Easthope, Lucy

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Whether she likes it or not, Lucy Easthope, an international authority on recovering from disaster, has no choice about keeping up with the news.

The 2004 Boxing Day tsunami, the Christchurch earthquake, the Grenfell fire, even the Covid-19 pandemic to name but a few, come under her domain as the go-to person for helping communities and governments recover from disaster and prepare for the next time it happens.

Practical, honest and underpinned with compassion, this is the at-times funny, no-nonsense memoir of a disaster management specialist who brings hope and expertise when catastrophe strikes.

Comments from BDS Reviewers

"Honest, practical and enthralling."

"Fascinating. Who knew what a career in disaster management was all about?!"

"There were many things I had never considered in managing a crisis. So informative."

"Be aware, some of the descriptions are QUITE vivid."

"The book inspires frustration with the international lack of co-operation and preparation."

"Required reading for us all. We know the possibilities but are we ready?"

"The book moves at a good pace and is very readable (I am not a big reader of nonfiction)."

"It's not all gruesome and grim. Lucy herself is honest, real, at times funny, and definitely caring."

"This book is not just a list of disasters. It is a thought-provoking read, deep and in places a quite moving account of her life."

"Very good read - much food for thought."



CHCH 125
A fascinating insight into disaster recovery previously unthought of.