World's Strongest Librarian, The [NF]

Hanagarne, Josh

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Librarians are usually associated with brain power not brawn, but in the case of Josh Hanagarne, it is two for the price of one. In an effort to manage the symptoms of his Tourette Syndrome, Josh becomes a weight lifter. This, in conjunction with his impressive height of 6' 7" and his chosen vocation at the Salt Lake City Public Library justifies the title of the book.

Touching on Tourette's, libraries, faith and family, this is a refreshing and interesting memoir from a man shouldering more than most.

Comments from Groups

What an interesting book - we learnt so much about Tourette's! A very good discussion followed - which involved reminiscing about libraries, books and reading over the years. Christchurch 088

We all thoroughly enjoyed reading and discussing this funny, sad, poignant read, about a life being lived with a challenging condition. Dunedin 005

Most of us thought the book was very lengthy, and could have been condensed. Interesting content however, and we learnt more about the Mormon church. Te Piro 001

We all enjoyed the book - after a bit of a slow start. We found it very interesting and learnt a lot about Mormons, Tourette's and the approach of his autistic trainer. We had a lot of discussion around the questions, especially on the ethics of screening for genetic diseases. We relived a lot of childhood memories around libraries, favourite books and our parents' reading habits, which was very enlightening. Queenstown 010

Apart from two people who don't care much for non-fiction, this book was well received and engendered a lot of discussion. The descriptive but simple language was appreciated, as was the opportunity to learn more about Tourette's, and Mormon practices. It was a humble story of significant achievement and persistence under difficult circumstances. Auckland 307

We had a good discussion about mindfulness, breathing and relaxation. It was interesting to learn about the Mormon faith, and we liked the humorous style of his writing. There were parts of the book that were tedious, but generally we loved the book and enjoyed reading it. Cambridge 005



Our group generally enjoyed Josh's story and appreciated being able to consider the challenges that someone with a disability has to face. We also enjoyed learning a little bit about the Mormon philosophy. However we did find that it became a little tedious and "long winded".
Very positive comments from all participants regarding the book. Very affirming story.
TAUR 018
A very powerful book which everyone loved. His sincerity, courage and honesty shone through. Beautifully written with a quirky sense of humour which lightened the difficulties and challenges of Tourettes. Also helped us to empathize not just with Tourettes, but with being tall or being Mormon.
WELL 219
We all thought this book discussed interesting topics, but some of the group felt it took a while to get into. Ratings varied from 2 stars to 5 stars!
THAM 005
Overall our group enjoyed this book, particularly the discussion around Tourettes and Mormonism. We wished there had been more about the author's Tourettes - a bit more depth
A good read. Would recommend to others. Admiration for Josh and his parents for the way they dealt with Tourette Syndrome. Well described. Some of the group felt they wanted to visit the Salt Lake City Library! Challenges in keeping libraries relevant in this day of technology. A good insight into Mormon beliefs.
While most of our group didn't particularly enjoy the book, the insights into Tourette's were very informative.
Not many of the group were enthusiastic. It was not a brilliant story, but enlightening in trying to understand how a person with this affliction managed it day by day.
AUCK 284
We all enjoyed the book very much. It was a subject most of us knew little about. Very informative.
We all found this book very interesting and it provoked a wonderful discussion.
NELS 002
Surprisingly enjoyable with many insights re Mormonism and Tourette Syndrome.