Cat Amongst the Pigeons

Tizard, Cath

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The Tizard political dynasty is headed by a woman many would consider a New Zealand matriarch, Dame Catherine Tizard, formerly Mayor of Auckland and our first woman Governor-General. The daughter of left-wing Scots immigrants, she grew up in a tiny Waikato town, and she personifies the New Zealand story: how talent and determination and a zeal to leave the world a better place than you found it can take you to the top. This lively memoir captures her rich and remarkable life and is full of fascinating insights into some of the key social movements and political events and intrigues of our modern history. [Taken from the book cover.] NZ Interest

Comments from Groups

A good quick light read. Some members found it a breath of fresh air and hilarious, others thought she should have had a more dignified approach to the office of Governor General. Milton 2

A good light read, amusing sometimes insightful and honestly written. Dunedin 58

A positive, honest and down to earth book. Everyone enjoyed it. Pahiatua 1

We found the book carefully written but a little lacking in insight on some important events, it made alot of her job shifts look almost accidental. Overall enjoyed. Havelock 11

Most people enjoyed the book, not for its literacy brilliance, but rather for its interesting content about an amazing woman. Timaru 7



AUCK 335
We were a little disappointed in this book. As Aucklanders we knew of Tizard's stellar career but thought the book was rather light and at times flippant.
AKAR 002
Upon a second reading, we again enjoyed this refreshing look back at the 1st lady Mayor of Auckland and 1st woman Governor General, and how life has progressed and changed. Easy read.
AUCK 039
The book is well-written with charm and fun. Explained the workings of city councils, mayoralty and the Governor General's role. Notes are excellent. Enjoyed by members.
RAUM 001
Enjoyable but long.
Honest, forthright, opinionated, informative, lively, interesting and fun!!
The Group enjoyed the book for a variety of reasons. All found it a 'light' read and engaging. Several had met Dame Cath and knew some of the people in the book so had a personal interest. Some found the sections on the fun and games at Govt. House a bit unnecessary to the book. All admired Dame Cath's courage and optimism. We felt she had walked the line between a lively narrative while preserving confidentiality well. We liked the questions.
AUCK 058
Most enjoyed the book and could relate to the various events described over the years. Generally a very interesting, informative read.
AUCK 020
A great book for us older Aucklanders. A lot of secrets were revealed. A lot of events were remembered well. Well-written and very funny.
Well, we did have a far ranging discussion. A life lived to the full. Breaking down the 'Glass Ceiling'. Not just once as Mayor of Auckland, but twice as the Governor General. Interesting and well-written.