Catch, The [NF/NZ]

Field, Michael

  11 Reviews

With the sixth largest exclusive economic zone in the world, New Zealand has the challenge of protecting this vast marine environment while also harvesting its resources.

Examining the state of the deep-sea fishing industry, this book considers how well we are doing with respect to the fish and the people who catch them, and documents the sobering details that engender the subtitle: how fishing companies reinvented slavery and plunder the oceans.

An informative and eye-opening exposure of the industry from a renowned journalist.



THAM 004
Well-written - good to have people named. Most feel guilty for buying commercially caught fish now. Michael Field is a brave author - truly an investigative journalist.
Not many read the book - thought it would be too heavy going, but those that did felt it was an extremely worthwhile read. It was well researched and presented. We were shocked and disturbed by the apparent inaction of NZ Government and various departments, as well as individuals (not my job, mate) and would like a follow-up to see if the situation had changed in the intervening years. We were left feeling very uneasy and will think twice, and certainly check labels, before buying fish!
ROTO 015
Thought provoking, informative, frightening - put us off buying fish. Was very well-written/ researched with eye-opener content which was hard to take and confronting.
Animated discussion because we were shocked to learn of the intolerable working conditions on foreign and charter fishing vessels, and the involvement of New Zealand companies and iwi quota holders in deception and avoidance of acceptable practice ( from both work conditions and environment and fish stock protection aspects. It was deeply disturbing on many levels, and yet compulsive reading.. Congratulations to author Michael Field, who has followed this torturous story, and reported on it, for years.
AUCK 007
Lively discussion...very thought-provoking material.
WELL 012
Grim reading, but resulted in "wonderful" discussion. We'll never eat tuna or salmon again. The book was only a selection of poorly connected essays - it would have benefitted from skilled editing.
AUCK 016
After reading the book, members were concerned about the state of commercial fishing in NZ, and around the world. We hope that the author will update the book in a couple of years, and that things will be a lot better! One or two found the book a bit heavy going - too many facts, but on the whole a worthwhile read.
MAST 010
Interesting book but not enjoyed by all.
We found this a worthwhile but disturbing read. We had a lively discussion - all felt saddened and motivated to do our bit.
TAUR 034
Not an easy book to read, but lots of interesting and disturbing information. Would definitely recommend to others as it is a real 'eye opener" about the world fishing industry, including NZ!
AUCK 199
A horrifying read, but a necessary one. Although we have often read and heard about mistreatment on the high seas, nothing had prepared us for the revelations that Michael Field has exposed in this book. It has also made us aware of the misleading labels on what we think we are buying.