Don't Sweat It

Pellegrino, Nicky

  3 Reviews

If all of New Zealand was to read this book, half of the readers would be guaranteed to have, at some point, intimate knowledge of the tumultuous life stage this manual covers. With such widespread personal impact, the other half could be well advised to read it too ...

This is 'the change' we are talking about, that once taboo subject, now firmly under the microscope in this well-researched book. Health writer Nicky Pellegrino brings together the latest information about menopause and perimenopause, and her own and many other women's experiences of this life-changing event.

Written with humour, empathy and authority, this definitive guide is encapsulated by its subtitle: how to make 'the change' a good one.



Everything it says on the cover and more, valuable, insightful, witty and readable. Bringing menopause to us with heart. We all loved this.
TAUR 047
Too much science, but humorous. We liked the cameos from the ladies. Many of us wished we had read this book 10 years ago.
CHCH 422
A good book for women who are approaching or experiencing menopause. Well researched and structured well with interviews with well known New Zealand women sharing their experiences. Very affirming and well-written with snippets of wisdom and humour.