From the Centre

Grace, Patricia

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With the publication of her first collection of short stories in 1975, Patricia Grace became the first wahine Maori to achieve such an outcome... and the rest, as they say, is history. From short stories to novels to children's books, over the decades that have followed she has continued to enrich and expand New Zealand literature.

In this unadorned memoir, this award-winning author humbly relates the story of her life against the backdrop of a changing society: from her birth to a Pakeha mother and Maori father, her childhood through to her training as a teacher, marriage, motherhood and at its centre, her writing, her whanau, her whenua. [Larger font]



NELS 062
Unanimous '4' from everyone. Provided a great discussion about racial and political issues. We loved her understated and gracious viewpoint. Strong recommendation for all NZ'ers to read.
TAKA 004
Fascinating account of a bicultural life - so understated and subtle. One often had to read between the lines. All the group enjoyed 'From the Centre' and it raised a myriad of discussion points.
All of us are familiar with Patricia Grace's books and really enjoyed reading about her life. We especially appreciated the great insight into the experience of Maori growing up in N.Z. and the issues that people face.
AUCK 143
Most people in the group really enjoyed it. A wonderful insight to a Maori upbringing and lived life. Such determination in building a thoroughly authentic meeting house and Marae. Patricia touches on the prejudice she experienced but she also does not appear to be bitter.
DARF 004
Only 2 in the group read it. Most of us attempted but found the content too much of everyday (however this appealed to those that did read it). Had expected more.