Husna's Story

Ahmed, Farid

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In the wake of the Christchurch terror attacks on March 15th 2019, there were many families whose lives were irrevocably changed. Included in this number is Farid Ahmed, husband of the indomitable Husna who was a casualty of the attack at the Al Noor mosque. This is his tribute to her: the story of her life, one of dedication and service to the Muslim community, from her upbringing in Bangladesh to life as a wife and mother in New Zealand.

Written with humility and focused on peace and forgiveness, this is a heartfelt testimony to a courageous and selfless woman. [Larger font]



RICH 010
We felt that this was a worthy read and we enjoyed the insights into how it was possible for Farid to forgive both the hit and run driver in Nelson who left him quadriplegic, but also his wife's killer. As a group we were all impressed by this faith - that helped him articulate why he had to choose forgiveness in order to follow his wife to where he believed she would go - to the highest levels of Paradise. We enjoyed the glimpses of the Islamic faith, but found the writing repetitive and one-dimensional. The author's faith impressed us however, and led to some self questioning and reflection.
Farid is such a loving husband who adored his wife and is a pillar of strength to his community. We all thought though, that he wrote too much about how wonderful Husna was and there should have been more information about the event.
WINT 002
Heartwarming. What an amazing man, and his wife was also an amazing person.
An unforgettable book - one that everyone should read.
Though we all admired Farid for his practical application of Islamic teaching, many of us felt the book was let down by poor editing. Too long, too repetitive, and too syrupy in his description of Husna, were common comments. Many of us appreciated knowing more about Islamic thinking and practices. Some of us were fascinated to understand how he forgave so quickly and what his reasoning and philosophy were. It was great to get more background on what was a profound moment in NZ's history, and how Farid and NZ'ers response moved and inspired the world.
An emotional, moving story of love, forgiveness and faith. A little repetitive and sermon-like at times, but such an interesting insight into faith.
A powerful insight into the teachings of Islam, and the healing strength of love and forgiveness. Every New Zealander should read this book.
NELS 023
The majority of the group found the book - and particularly the author - inspiring. The message of love and forgiveness was clear. Others found the writing repetitive and sermon like.
CHCH 137
A compelling read, but generally felt to be a bit long, and to Western minds rather "precious" in places. However, we all acknowledge Husna and Farid as a lovely couple, and there were great descriptions of a far more open and accepting religion than that normally portrayed in the West. No one could understand the killer.
CHCH 194
Our group felt it was good that we read this book and its first hand perspective, but it was very repetitive, showing the author's devotion to, and admiration of, his wife. Tolerance and the message of peace were the dominant and positive aspects.
CHCH 312
Not all of our group read this book. It was interesting to read a first hand account of this tragic event. The author obviously loved his wife and his writing was a way to help him process his grief. His response of forgiveness to such a massive tragedy was amazing.
It was an inspirational commentary on our need for love towards our fellow men in the violence of our present world. Feedback from the group was very positive, and all were very moved by how courageous Farid and his fellow mosque members were all through this book. Farid had a generous and simple faith which he and his beloved wife practised daily, living their highest ideals in their adopted country. The book was an inspiration and hopefully will make a difference in our attitude to our fellow men, of whatever culture or religion.
CHCH 468
Hopefully this has been cathartic for both Farid and Shifa, but worry that it has been written too soon. No doubt Farid discussed his writing of the book with Shifa, and their amazing faith has helped them accept the loss of Husna. A thought provoking read with real lessons for humanity.
NGON 001
We all enjoyed 'Husna's Story' and learned a lot about Islam. It was well-written and easy to read. Discussion included how they managed to support themselves after the accident, Husna's motivation for her selfless contribution to her community, and how religion helped the couple bear their suffering. We felt some editing could have eliminated repetition in the closing part of the author's explanations.
The group unanimously would recommend the book to others. Discussion was robust, particularly the discrimination question. The reasons for the positive opinions were varied, ranging from emotional response to being informative.
TAUP 006
Great book to discuss - topics ranging from being judgemental, racism, Muslim immigration, arranged marriages and religion. A story of triumph of love over hate. Beautiful tribute by the author to his wife.
ISLA 001
We found the book topical but lengthy - did appreciate the comments from her community at the rear of the book.