Illustrated History of the Treaty of Waitangi, An

Orange, Claudia

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A straightforward account of the history of the Treaty, featuring a wide range of illustrations. The book covers not only the events of 1840, but also forces leading to the making of a treaty and the impact of the protests and negotiations that followed for the next century-and-a-half. NZ Interest. [This is a large book and requires two courier bags. Because of it's importance as a NZ book, a courier bag is despatched with the book.]

Comments from Groups

Best discussion for quite a while....a lot of admissions of ignorance of NZ's early history! Hamilton 007

This was interesting, and very enlightening. As New Zealanders, it added to our understanding of our culture. As an older group, we related to this history. Palmerston North 001

The majority of the group found this book interesting, and the content provided lots of discussion on the issues of Maori/Pakeha. The book was well presented, and the photographs/documents etc added to the book's historical content. Tauranga 012



Many partners also read this. One is a descendant of William Williams! Lively discussion. A must read for all. I have bought the latest edition!
WANG 011
All of us were impressed with this book, although not all of us managed to finish it. The illustrations were good, such a big book with text only would have been pretty dense. We all learned something about the Treaty and the book was written in a language for everyone to understand, not for academics, although the number of consecutive Acts of Parliament were hard to follow. Our overall impression was that Maori were often cheated of their land, in various ways, and that some sort of recompense is justified.