Married to a Bedouin

van Geldermalsen, Marguerite

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Van Geldermalsen writes on her website: "This is the story of how I fell in love with Mohammad and married him; how I settled into his cave, and slept with him on a ledge under a sheet of stars; how I fetched water by donkey, and ran the local clinic. It also describes the most recent history of Petra. Through our stories, and the stories of the people with whom we shared the valley, comes a picture of the site when it was alive, and when I was married to a Bedouin." NZ Interest. [Larger font]

Comments from Groups

We liked and enjoyed reading the book. It gave an insight into a way of life that was unknown to us. Marguerite is a strong woman, and although her decision to marry Mohammed and stay at Petra seemed a risky one, she found an understanding and supportive partner in him. The discussion was far ranging, and everyone present joined in. We would recommend it. Paraparaumu 001

Mixed opinions. Some felt a lot was left unsaid, and would have liked to have insight into how she actually felt about the huge change to her lifestyle. Rather superficial. Otorohanga 003

Unanimous enjoyment of this book. None of our seven members felt they could have embraced the lifestyle Marguerite did. Well....maybe at a more youthful age! We all felt that true love can conquer anything! Te Pahu 001

Most of the group found the book interesting, but were disappointed with the author's lack of emotion, personal thoughts and feelings. We did have a great discussion. Dunedin 012

The majority of the group enjoyed the book - easy to read and an interesting insight into a culture that we knew little about. Some felt that good editing, more pictures and a good map would have been an improvement...Diamond Harbour 001

Everyone found the book fascinating and enjoyed it very much. Aria 001



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