Modern Singhs, The

Singh, Abbey & Money

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Abbey and Money Singh are better known as The Modern Singhs, Kiwi social media celebrities with a rich and tangled love story to tell.

Shared through the eyes of this inspiring duo, The Modern Singhs reveals their experiences as migrants to New Zealand as they struggled to find footing in new surroundings. They describe how they met and pursued a relationship that was forbidden by Money's culture, where he felt he had to choose between his family and the love of his life. The couple opens up about the difficult birth of their son, their journeys with mental health, a complicated sense of home, and what it's like to raise bilingual children across three cultures.

The rest is history - or at least uploaded to YouTube, where Abbey and Money's joyful outlook and celebration of tradition unites 1.3 million viewers from all over the world, encouraging others to embrace difference with open hearts. [Taken from book cover, Harper Collins Publishers]

Comments from BDS Reviewers

"The young couple's story is very interesting and very readable."

"This is not an academic or very 'deep' book, but it is very informative with a sense of love and happiness alongside the cultural challenges."

"In simple, engaging prose the authors present an honest, open discussion on cultural and religious differences and how these were approached and resolved in their relationship."

"This book is a tribute to the couple. They felt good about working through their issues and wanted to help other such couples who were also struggling."

"A lovely human-interest story and you can't help but wish them well."

"It is fascinating to read about how people can make a living by posting to social media."

"It would be easy to dismiss this story as 'lightweight', but readers should persevere as a range of contemporary issues are openly discussed by the young couple."

"The writing style is chatty and each one spells out his or her attitude."

I found it very interesting to read how Sikh society is organised and the importance of rituals and food."



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