Skin to Skin

Archie, Carol

  9 Reviews

Ten families, and 37 Individuals; some well-known, some not. This is a human account of modern Maori-Pakeha intermarriage and the mixed-raced children of Aotearoa. Their stories cover the spectrum of overcoming everyday racism to the question of identity in a diverse and multi-cultural land. NZ Interest. [Larger font]

Comments from Groups

Opened our eyes to some discriminations, and some Maori cultural practices. We wondered about the families chosen and how typical they were. Christchurch 024

Disappointing to the group - too many well-known families...However a good discussion on racism, immigration etc., followed. Nelson 040

Book was much better than expected and led to much discussion and thoughts on our own experiences, knowledge and prejudices - a book to think on. Te Kuiti 002

Good discussion. Most of us have a mixed race marriage somewhere in the family. Taumarunui 003

Provocative - engendered a full two hours of book related discussion. Carterton 002

We all enjoyed this book finding it informative, surprising and engrossing. We would love to read similar stories at a different level of society, although we realise this might make the book less commercial. All of us gained new insights into both cultures (and the others mentioned). Ngongotaha 001

Some really interesting insights into intercultural relations. Geraldine 003



Interesting. Perhaps a little dated.
CHCH 099
Most of the group found the book quite repetitive and in fact slightly boring, although we were able to generate some interesting discussion ironically.
NAP 011
Book enjoyed by everyone, to varying degrees. Some didn't read it at all as found the themes repetitive.
NEWP 014
Great book. Ideal to dip in and out of. Insightful and thought-provoking. An updated version would be interesting!
Thanks for having this book available. It is one all NZers should read. The people interviewed shared so much. We learned a lot and thank them for their honesty.
NELS 044
This book was loved and appreciated by all our members. It generated great discussion and gave us new insight. There were many surprises.
PICT 002
This book generated a great deal of in-depth discussion about a range of issues arising from racism. It was noted that Archie had selected couples who had placed a lot of focus on education of their children. It would have been more valid had couples with a different focus been included (such as those with experiences of violence/drugs etc).
NEWP 013
This was a fascinating subject. The book is fifteen years old, and attitudes have moved on, however the topic is still very relevant. We really enjoyed reading the stories from different members of the same family, although this resulted in some repetition and a plethora of writing styles. A good book to dip into.
CHCH 068
The author did a good job at presenting a difficult subject in a sympathetic way.