Straight Up

Tui, Ruby

  2 Reviews

An unequivocal title for an unequivocal character... Ruby Tui, one of the most well-known women's rugby players in the world, tells the story of her life. The daughter of a palangi mother and a Samoan migrant father, she overcomes a challenging childhood to become an elite athlete and a household name.

Written with honesty and courage, this is the story of a young woman at the top of her game, an inspirational memoir with appeal whether you are a rugby fan or not.

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Comments from BDS Reviewers

"An extraordinary insight into life as an elite athlete."

"A very raw and honest account by a remarkable young woman."

"It's very clear that the motivation to write this book is not fame and fortune, but rather inspiring other young women and girls."

"Ruby's story shows how one person can persevere, overcome weaknesses with courage, have a positive attitude and be successful in life."

"An honest insightful memoir of how Ruby overcame her challenges."

"It is written as Ruby Tui speaks, making it very easy to read."

"Even non-rugby fans would find the learnings and the descriptions of how those learnings came about, interesting."

"A wonderful reminder of the drive and energy of a 27 year old!"



Wonderful book. All of us were overwhelmed with the emotions we felt as we experienced the highs and lows of Ruby's life. As one reviewer said, "A phenomenal book from a professional athlete"!!!
We really liked this book, and several with older grand-daughters were resolved to buy it for them. A real upward lift - a 'value of positivity and purpose story'. GREAT!