Velvet Was the Night

Moreno-Garcia, Silvia

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1970s Mexico City: while student protests and political unrest consume the city, Maite escapes from her humdrum life in the stories of passion and danger that fill the latest issue of Secret Romance.

She is deeply envious of her neighbour, Leonora, a beautiful art student who lives the life of excitement and intrigue Maite craves - so when she disappears under suspicious circumstances, Maite jumps at the chance to uncover Leonora's secrets.

Maite is not the only one searching for the missing girl. Elvis, a goon-for-hire who is longing to escape his violent life, has been assigned to find the student. Like Maite, he loves old movies, comics and rock 'n' roll ... and he's beginning to be interested in the mousy secretary who is fast becoming involved in a world of political intrigue.

As Maite and Elvis follow Leonora's trail, they journey deeper into a world of student radicals, hitmen, government agents and Russian spies, who are all determined to unearth Leonora's secrets - at gunpoint. [Taken from cover, Jo Fletcher Books]

Comments from BDS Reviewers

"When it comes to pure escapism, this book is highly enjoyable."

"The story romps along at a brisk pace."

"The book is a delightful noirish romp which goes rollicking along in more and more convoluted twists to a conclusion where everyone gets their just deserts."

"Loved that there was a Spotify playlist from the songs referenced in the book."

"I found that the book was a slow starter, but then I got engaged."

"Extremely gripping and well-written."

"The book is based on facts that we should know, but probably don't."

"There is plenty of violence but almost of a slapstick variety."



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