And the Mountains Echoed

Hosseini, Khaled

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A walk across the desert to Kabul will be the last steps siblings Abdullah and Pari take in their life together. Beyond Afghanistan looms France and USA but there is little choice in their fate beyond that dictated by poverty and circumstance.

From the 1950s to the present day, this is a complex saga from a consummate storyteller, with Afghanistan at its centre, of bonds that stretch but do not break, and the sacrifices that we are called upon to make, with or without our consent.

Comments from Groups

This book is AMAZING. Incredibly compelling right from the outset. A great read we highly recommend to other groups. [Auckland 310]

Everyone enjoyed the book. Haunting story with so many characters. We could all read it again. [Blenheim 003]

Very popular! [Masterton 007]

Some felt there were too many stories within the main story. Others felt that was what made the book. All agreed it was beautifully written. [Hastings 007]

Some loved it, others found it hard to get into the story as it jumped from character to character. [Cromwell 002]

Group's best book for a long time. A very stuimulating discussion. We thought the questions quite involved but they were very good and appropriate. [Christchurch 324]



AUCK 412
Mixed opinions on this book. Some had read his two earlier books, and found this one not quite up there with them. However of those who enjoyed it, all agreed that it was a great read. A very powerful story of love and loss.
After lots of discussion for each question, we decided that it showed how decisions made can affect so many people and for so long. It was lots of stories within a story. Some couldnt get into it at all and others loved it.
We all enjoyed this book, lots of stories that linked together in the end. A good book to finish on for one of our members who has belonged for 13 years (130 books!!) and is leaving us.
NAP 021
This is an author we admire, however some of our group found this story lacked some flow in some chapters. Still a strong storyline, and we found we learned some valuable knowledge of that part of the world.
Many of us had read Hosseini's two earlier books and agreed that they were far better than this one. Although told with great description and evocative language, the story was often hard to keep track of.
Some members really enjoyed it and read it twice. Others found it difficult to keep track of so many characters. All agreed the descriptive writing was outstanding. He is a wonderful story-teller and a master with words. We gained a good understanding of many different locations, all of which were memorable.
TAUR 049
Most of us had read Hosseini's books before, but 'And The Mountains Echoed" is more complex in its narrative than earlier books. The themes of the book were discussed - survival, decisions and consequences, filial duty, displacement and resettlement, materialism and goodness etc.etc. We then shared the links that we had found in the telling of the story and the title of the book. Quite a deep read if reflected on!
Another popular novel amongst our group!! It was extremely moving, and sad to see families separated by war, poverty and words not said. Loved it:-)
Certainly stimulated a lot of discussion on cultural issues, power and the destruction of communities. Also the strength of the human spirit and the power of hope.
CHCH 481
Beautifully written, however the fragmented nature of the story didn't please everyone.
Most people enjoyed the book, but felt there were too many characters.
NELS 071
An enjoyable read that provoked a good wide-ranging discussion.
NELS 064
This book was thoroughly enjoyed by all, with many members seeking out the author's other books. Conversation revolved around the unfairness of children being "sold", but also on whether or not growing up in a wealthier environment was a good thing or not. Our group recommends this book to anyone who enjoys moral and ethical dilemmas.
CHCH 378
We loved this book. Great discussion. Will stay with us for a long time.