Black Girl White Girl

Oates, Joyce Carol

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Narrator, Genna Meade, meditates on the long-ago, terrible death of nineteen-year-old Minette Swift. On entering college in the mid-1970s, liberal and well-meaning Genna looks forward to rooming with devoutly religious African-American scholarship student, Minette. But the girls have little in common. As Genna reconstructs the months, weeks, and hours leading up to Minetteā€™s tragic death, she is also forced to confront her own identity within the social framework of that time. [Small font]

Comments from Groups

We generally found it an interesting book but not compelling. Tauranga 35

Powerful, tragic and thought provoking, stimulated alot of discussion. Wellington 27

A difficult read, bleak and slow. Christchurch 268

Mixed reactions, all agreed at times rather dark and complex characters. Christchurch 95



While we appreciated the quality of the writing, most of the group didn't really enjoy this book. The caharcters were unlikeable, and the story was a bit fragmented. A very unusual tale.