Glass Palace, The

Ghosh, Amitav

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Spanning most of the 20th century and starting with the British arrival in Burma, this story carries Dolly and Rajkumar, and many other characters, through the growing opposition to British rule in India, the Japanese invasion of Burma and Malaya, and back to the military state of Burma/Myanmar in 1996. [Big read}

Comments from Groups

Enjoyed the book very much. Very well written and very informative and well researched. A great insight to the Indian non acceptance by the English yet still wanted them in the army. Excellent discussion. Napier 020

The book was enjoyed by everyone and great amount of discussion on what was true and what was fiction. Christchurch 294

Very much enjoyed by almost all members of the group. Length a limitation as was small print. Good mixture of history, personal relationships and cultural insights. Christchurch 320

Interesting, stimulating, well written book. Auckland 085

The Glass Palace provoked a really interesting discussion as the group was divided by half that disliked it and the other half who felt it was well worth reading and they learnt a lot from it. To our shame hardly any of us knew of the Indian dissatisfaction with the British Army. This book certainly challenged our views of "The Empire" and gave us all a lot to think about. Levin 001



We all enjoyed this book immensely. So well-written that we absorbed the history and culture without effort and it was hard to tell fact from fiction. The attitude of the British towards their Indian subjects was shocking and made us think about the pros and cons of British colonisation. The characters are well drawn and the interwoven stories of their fortunes and misfortunes add strength to the narrative. Highly recommended.