Good Mother, The

Cairns, Rae

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Sarah Calhoun's teenage son, Riley, hits the football jackpot when he is offered the opportunity to represent Australia at a FIFA youth development camp in Dublin in 2014. It's a dream come true for Riley, but for Sarah, the beginning of a nightmare, forcing her to revisit her past when she was a youth worker in Northern Ireland during The Troubles. Now she will be forced to testify in a historical murder trial in Belfast, putting herself, Riley and her family at great risk.

Facing danger at every turn, Sarah will do anything and everything it takes to keep her family safe, making this a gripping, action-packed thriller.

Comments from BDS Reviewers

"This is a complex, action-laden plot that works very well."

"Suspense maintained throughout. It is written in a style that works well."

"Both my husband and I thoroughly enjoyed this thriller."

"Gripping plot, hard to put down."

"Very fast-paced novel, it would be a great holiday read."

"One-sided view of the conflict in Northern Ireland."

"I think this story would make a great film. Full of tension and suspicion."

"There are some descriptions of violence that could upset some readers."



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