Good Mother, The

Cairns, Rae

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Sarah Calhoun is a regular Sydney soccer mum, but she's keeping terrifying secrets from everyone she loves . . . and her past is about to catch up with her.

When two men from Northern Ireland hunt her down, she's forced to return to Belfast to testify at a murder trial. Caught in the crossfire of an obsessive policeman, driven by a disturbing past, and a brutal IRA executioner, Sarah faces an impossible choice: lie and allow a killer to run free, or tell the truth and place her children in the line of fire.

With her family and innocent people at risk, Sarah must find the courage to fight for the truth. But righting the wrongs of the past just might cost her everything ... [Taken from book cover, Harper Collins Publishers]

Comments from BDS Reviewers

"This is a complex, action-laden plot that works very well."

"Suspense maintained throughout. It is written in a style that works well."

"Both my husband and I thoroughly enjoyed this thriller."

"Gripping plot, hard to put down."

"Very fast-paced novel, it would be a great holiday read."

"One-sided view of the conflict in Northern Ireland."

"I think this story would make a great film. Full of tension and suspicion."

"There are some descriptions of violence that could upset some readers."



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