I Am Pilgrim

Hayes, Terry

  14 Reviews

Faced with the possibility of a homeland terrorist threat, a US spy (codename: Pilgrim) is hauled back from retirement to track down the suspected terrorist and prevent full scale calamity. From a public beheading in Mecca to a trail of murder encompassing New York, the Hindu Kush and Turkey this is a riveting story with exotic settings and populated with well-developed characters.

Referencing real world events and maintaining nail biting tension as the day of reckoning approaches, this is a complex and shockingly credible thriller. [Big read}

Comments from Groups

A well-written thriller and an unexpected hit with the group, who usually have divided opinions. Also a surprisingly good book for discussion, particularly on the structure of thrillers and the techniques used to keep the reader hooked - which this book certainly did. Christchurch 299

We were evenly divided on this book. For half of us it was a 'page-turner', but others could not read it as the violence was off-putting. Many found the ending unsatisfactory. Lower Hutt 004

Great book, great discussion! All thought the book well -written, from an author with an amazing imagination. Gruesome in places but very believable in todays world. 10/10 Masterton 013

All except one found this a gripping book, well- written and hard to put down. It was felt that it was a book written to be made into a film. The length was off-putting at first, but it was actually easy to read so felt less long once one was well into it. Some of the story lacked credibility, but it was only a story after all - we hope! Doubtless Bay 001

Excellent questions led to a good discussion - the notes were well -written and thought out. The book was avidly read - length not a bother because of the pace. Everyone 'enjoyed' in spite of the atrocities. A well-written book. Christchurch 064

We all just loved this book. A real page turner and can't-put-down book. So realistic and plausible, and scary to think that this is the way terrorism is going. Terry Hayes writes with real skill. Piopio 001

Most members found it a pretty fast moving and racy book. A couple of members thought it slowed down a bit in the middle part, but it fortunately gathered momentum again. Wellington 168



CHCH 241
Most of the group really enjoyed the book.
AUCK 406
It's unanimous - we loved it! Long book, but definitely worth it, a real page turner.
AUCK 412
We all unanimously agreed that this book was a 10/10. It was declared the best of the 26 we have had so far. There was much discussion about the subject matter and we all thought the book was very cleverly-written. Brilliant!
Members who read this book were totally engrossed by it. Some members could not accommodate the violence which was an essential aspect of this tale of international terrorism, and failed to persevere long enough to be caught up in it! This was a pity, as it is a finely crafted and compelling insight into the minds of terrorist activists and the beliefs and emotions that drive them. The ability of the author, in this first novel, to allow us as readers, to see two "heroes" and to be able to understand and even sympathise with them, is impressive. The writing is excellent..
Most enjoyed the writing style and found it fascinating and suspenseful, with interesting comparisons made between the two main characters. Some found it a bit slow at the start, and one found the gruesome descriptions unnecessary and off putting. It is a very long book to read in a month, we could have done with more time.
MAST 010
Apart from two who did not enjoy it, everyone else just loved it. We felt compelled to read it. An unforgettable book.
GISB 006
A great summer read which was hard to put down. The story was well crafted and the mini-plots all resolve in the end. It reads like several different movie scenarios. It's topical, and gives another insight to a world we feel far removed from.
AUCK 366
All of us agreed that it was a very compelling book, even if very long. Only one person had read it before and didn't like it. Even if all events occurred in a very convenient and fantastic fashion, it is still a very well-written book, and was very enjoyable.
We really enjoyed the book. Some flaws, but overall we would recommend to others.
The group thoroughly enjoyed the book, and most of us finished it. We found it a page turner, and the short chapters made it easier to read. The people in our group 'gel' well and also enjoy differing viewpoints, which leads to a lively discussion.
CHCH 176
This book provided very stimulating discussion for our book group. Most thoroughly enjoyed it and hope the author will write more.
CHCH 333
Great book - all found it riveting.
Most of us enjoyed this fast moving plot. Yes, some of it is a bit convenient and contrived but overall a great read and the book size is not a problem.
A blockbuster type novel or what used to be called airport novels because it's the size of a book that would last for a long flight. The overall opinion was that it was superficial and written for the money. If it was a movie it would be an action movie that comes and goes and is soon on DVD at The Warehouse. There are much better action books than this around so don't waste your time with this.