Into the Beautiful North

Urrea, Luis Alberto

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Inspired by the film, 'The Magnificent Seven', a young Mexican woman and her friends set out on a journey from southern Mexico, north to USA. Their mission: to recruit seven men to help restore their village. A road trip with a difference, this is comic satire with a dash of magic realism.

An upbeat and entertaining story, that offers unexpected and insightful views of both sides of the border. [Larger font]

Comments from Groups

Not as hilarious as expected. Lively discussion about cultural differences. Many of the group had great stories about their immigration. Descriptive writing superb. Enjoyed the contrasts between Mexico/USA. Optoiki 001

Mixed response to this book...some lyrical, some amusing, some painful scenes. Not as humorous a read, as on the dust jacket. Wanganui 010

A love/hate book but what a discussion followed, race, religion, customs. It was a great afternoon. Mt Maunganui 001



CHCH 099
Very much enjoyed by most of the group.
This was an interesting read for the whole of the group, particularly in the present context of the awful situation of the massive flow of immigrants across the world. Some members found it "over the top", but others thought it a light hearted way to describe very difficult human situations. The group members who have spent time in Mexico, said the descriptive writing gave an accurate picture of life in these areas.
THAM 004
Very divided opinions. Some loved this, some hated it.
TAUR 015
Everyone enjoyed this book. Interesting characters.
WELL 194
Most of our group enjoyed this book. They liked the mix of quirky characters, and the consideration of serious social and political issues.
TAUP 006
More than half of the group did not enjoy the book and did not finish reading it. Those of us who read it all enjoyed the variety of themes, the writing and characterisation. The setting was interesting and we all liked the main character.
TAUP 005
Well received by the group and provided an animated discussion on how a trying topic can be presented with humour and pathos.