Lady Tan's Circle of Women

See, Lisa

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Yunxian, daughter of an aristocratic household and Meiling, daughter of a midwife, meet when they are children with their unlikely friendship lasting right throughout their lives. Yunxian becomes a physician and Meiling follows in her mother’s footsteps, but beyond medicine and midwifery, there is marriage and motherhood and the very strict rules governing their class and gender.

Fascinating and absorbing, this is the remarkable story of an historic figure from 15th century China, illuminating the lives of women in the Ming dynasty, and inspired by the real Lady Tan’s publication of Miscellaneous Records of a Female Doctor.

Comments from BDS Reviewers

"A really interesting, well-written, easy-to-read, enjoyable book."

"I found this an amazing book. I knew very little about 15th Century China."

"Beautifully developed plot, with a great twist as it became a murder mystery."

"I loved all of it!"

"Their lifestyle was completely alien to me, but it was fascinating to read about it."

"A triumphant reimagining of the life of a woman who was remarkable in the Ming dynasty and would be considered remarkable today."

"A very easy read. Engagingly and well-written with great detail and descriptions."

"You certainly makes you reflect on then versus now …"

"Fascinating insight into the life of 15th Century China."

"It demonstrates the state of medical knowledge at the time, some of which is still used today."



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