Mission House, The

Davies, Carys

  5 Reviews

Ooty, a former British hill station in southern India, is just what the doctor ordered. Hilary Byrd is overdue for a rest from the bruising challenges of 21st century London and Ooty promises the quiet, tranquil life he so desperately needs. Befriended by the Padre and his adopted daughter Priscilla with whom he falls in love, Hilary is drawn into a gentle, blinkered existence that is oblivious to the brewing political and religious tensions.

Poignant and understated, this is a nuanced story that weaves the British imperial past with the new realities of contemporary India.



A very "quirky" story, very sad in its portrayal of a lonely old man who thought he would find happiness in a strange new land. The ending was so pitiful and sad!
Very varied opinions of this book gave rise to a most enjoyable discussion. A couple of people didn't get into it and gave up. Others enjoyed it very much - its ability to make Ooty seem so lifelike and the characters good and troubled, with the hints that something catastrophic was going to happen. How cleverly the author used minimal words to draw characters and situations...
AUCK 071
So many layers in so small a book. Very well-written and crafted. Lovely development of characters and full of subtle points. Deserves slow and careful reading. We had a wonderful discussion.
CHCH 532
Very readable - lots of conversation. Everyone had read it.
WELL 041
We all enjoyed 'The Mission House'. Seemingly a simple story, but such a strong and powerful tale. All the characters in the book were skilfully described, and crafted into a beautiful but sad story.