Nelly Dean

Case, Alison

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In this story of the great house Wuthering Heights, of Thrushcross Grange and the Earnslaw and Linton families, Mr Lockwood is once again the recipient of housekeeper Nelly Dean's narration; but this time round it is Nelly's story that is centre stage.

A faithful companion to Emily Bronte's 1837 classic that encourages but does not require a reading of the original, this is a beautifully crafted and engaging page-turner that is easily accessible to the 21st century reader. [Larger font]



WELL 104
Most of our group enjoyed this book and the way the various characters were drawn. Well-written book with good phrasing and construction. It was clever the way we got to know Nelly, and that she and Bodkin got together eventually. We were waiting for confirmation that Heathcliff may have been an illegitimate son. We did think the book fizzled out at the end.
A good 'story'. Enjoyed but not highly rated.
All bar one of our group enjoyed reading this book. Some of us initially found the language irritating, but as we read it we appreciated why it was written that way. Some of us have been inspired to read Wuthering Heights for a second time.
Mixed reactions to this book. Some enjoyed it but felt that it could have been shorter. Others did not enjoy it at all. Two said they would now read "Wuthering Heights" again.
AUCK 395
As a group we had a lively discussion - lots of referencing to Wuthering Heights. Although we decided that we didn't need to have read Wuthering Heights, it would have filled in the 'gaps' a few of us had while reading Nelly Dean.
TAUR 023
'Nelly Dean' was enjoyed by all.
AUCK 332
Our group had diverse opinions of this book with some enjoying the read, others not so. However, all agreed that the supernatural and some unbelievable aspects of the story did not reflect modern sensibility and that there were gaps in this tale. With none of the power and strength of Emily Bronte, the author seemed to be using Wuthering Heights as a way of promoting this story, and that it might well have been a good yarn without this reference to the 19th century classic.
CHCH 299
Everyone enjoyed this book although no-one loved it. You don't need to have read Wuthering Heights to enjoy Nelly Dean, although it would add to the book - several members now intend to read it. Nelly Dean is an enjoyable, easy read - perfect bedtime reading.
AUCK 008
One member found this book 'boring and tiresome'. The rest of us enjoyed it despite not being able to remember Wuthering Heights in any great detail. One member commented that she thought Nelly "too good to be true". Several mentioned the story of the falcon in the house where each child saw themselves in the falcon - a moving analogy.
AUCK 199
We have just finished the discussion of the year! There was no stopping us. It prompted some to re-read Wuthering Heights. Today was marvellous - every little aspect was picked over, and only one declared she didn't like it, finding it too 'pedestrian'. We all agreed that the notes by Brigid Feehan were excellent. Members all saw different things in the story from others, precipitating more in-depth discussion. It was a real page-turner.