New Wilderness

Cook, Diane

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In response to toxic pollution and overpopulation, the only hope for reversing the declining health of Bea's five-year-old daughter Agnes, is to join a group of volunteers taking part in an experiment to study how humans interact with nature. They are to live in the Wilderness State, the normally prohibited, last remaining untamed land, and are to follow the Manual and the edicts of the Rangers, but most importantly, leaving no trace of their existence on their surroundings.

Provocative and unsettling, this well-researched story asks those difficult questions: what will a person do to survive and just what is our place in the natural world?



NELS 015
This book really divided and created a really good discussion. The overriding consensus was that the book was less about the environment and more about relationships, with most finding the nomadic lifestyle portrayed too unrealistic.