Perfect Golden Circle, The

Myers, Benjamin

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Remember the mystery of crop circles? Well, look no further ... the unexpected antics of Calvert, a Falklands War veteran and Redbone, a punk musician, offer a possible explanation.

Set in the long, hot summer of 1989, this is the tale of two unlikely friends hellbent on creating beauty in Wiltshire fields.

From the camaraderie of eccentric outsiders, to the wonders of the English countryside, this is a compelling story of the quest for the perfect golden circle, the challenge of keeping one’s demons at bay, and the joys of guerrilla art.

Comments from BDS Reviewers

"A compelling story on different levels, very well told and with a satisfying conclusion."

"Great read with lyrical writing."

"Each chapter adds an extra layer of complexity both to the crop patterns and the story, building a momentum and desire to keep reading."

"I enjoyed the descriptions of the environment - they're clear and vivid."

"The men's personalities gradually emerge - very subtly done by the author."

"There is depth, subtleties and some wit in this book. Recommended."

"The book covers serious issues of climate, social class inequities, war, and rubbish dumping, but not in a heavy-handed way."

"The book reveals interesting insights into the mystery of crop circles and the night-time happenings in the fields that dominate the daytime landscape."



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